Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring more than 2 dogs?
    • You will need to call.
  • How far is it to the lakes?
    • 2 miles to Lake Bellaire, 7 miles to Torch Lake.
  • Do I need Premium site?
    • Most sites will handle up to 40 foot motor homes. If your’s is larger, or if you need 50 amp service, you need a premium site.
  • Do you have Full hookups?
    • All of our RV sites have water, electric, and sewer hookup.
  • How many tents can I put on a site?
    • One, you pay for camping, not real estate rental.
  • Can I put a tent on the site with my RV?
    • You may request permission to put up a Small tent for your Small children if it will fit. Your 20 year old son is not a small child. He will need his own site.
  • Will my I-phone get me lost?
    • Yes it will.
  • Can I use online directions to find you?
    • If you use the link provided you will probably find us. If you type in the address on most map sites, you will get lost. Use a map to check all directions.
  • If you expect to get a response from us, make sure your Spam filter will let us send you an email. Complex questions are best answered over the phone.